Cloud Plate

Cloud Plate


An elegant presentation: this flowing dinner plate elevates the food like a pedestal elevates art.  The design combines a round flat 8" central area with a stable three-footed border that is easy to pick up and fun to stack.  

With a standard size of almost 11" at the widest, this plate will fit well in any dishwasher and is made of a clay that has passed testing by Bureau Veritas for durability in an industrial setting. (i.e. is will be fine under a warming broiler, among other thermally shocking situations).  This plate is my carefully considered design that is manufactured by the excellent people at Mudshark Studios in Portland OR.  

I am able to offer this signature item in larger quantities with a relatively short fulfillment time, so if you are a retailer interested in placing a wholesale order, please let me know.  Restaurants likewise enjoy a discount for ordering in quantity. 

There is also a limited possibility for customization of this item: black glaze as an alternative to Mudshark's house Satin White, or potentially a central region of glaze (various colors) with a border remaining bare clay, as pictured.

3 lbs.

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Custom colors are available for this item.  Please choose from any or several of my house glazes (the stack of mugs posing as a color swatch in addition to white, black, or mist), and we can glaze the central area of the plate to your liking.  These glazes are the same colors as offered for smaller wares, so this is an excellent opportunity to create matching sets.  The border and under-side will remain the smooth sanded buff of the raw clay as pictured.