Divot Bowl

Divot Bowl


A bowl that invites interaction.  Guests may be guided to pick it up and hold it from below by its divots, or it could be plated with a finger food that invites a pinch-type gesture reminiscent of how the bowl's divots seem to have been formed.  A playful little piece!

Wheel-thrown porcelain altered when soft to be thin, light, and supple in feeling. Creative chefs can even plate a little dollop of something on the tiny flat shelf of the larger divot.  

This item is available customized in a variety of smaller scales and all house colors.  Please contact me to note your creative wishes.

Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. My house satin white glaze has been tested with excellent result in the industrial washer of a fast-paced restaurant. 

about 6.5x6.5x2.5 and 1 lb

Available on commission in white, black, mist, or any of the house color swatch of stacked teacups as pictured :)

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