Set of 4: Woodfired Large Low Bowl

Set of 4: Woodfired Large Low Bowl


With a smaller foot and a broad but elevated rim, think of this as a pasta-style of bowl.  Fired by a crew of all women in the historic anagama kiln at East Creek, this group of plates is the absolute best of a large group. Check out for the story of their making.

Care and Use Guidelines below

These measure about 10" by 8.5" by 1.25" to 2" and weigh 1.8 lbs.

$380 is the price for all 4 low bowls.

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I am so delighted to be able to assist you in creating a unique aesthetic experience for you and your dinner guests!  These pots were fired in an innovative kiln that had a miniscule carbon footprint, so you can know that not only are you supporting a professional potter, you are also supporting work made with dedicated environmental ethics.  

Formed out of porcelain, they will withstand going through an industrial dishwasher, so you can safely clean them that way if hand-washing is difficult for your staff and kitchen flow.  I think the most attention should be given to how stacks of them are placed on a counter-top.  Too tall and the lowest ones may break.  I suggest ten plates tall, for example.