Mermaid Mug

Mermaid Mug


Longtime maker Shiro Otani says "a good pot should feel good in the hand"; that's how people describe this popular mug.  A comfortable 6 oz volume available in a wide range of house colors, this mug with its curved interior is apparently an excellent size and shape for frothy latte art, as noted by the owner of Case Study Coffee.

So many people have pointed to this as a good design that I decided to make it my first project with Mudshark Studios, using stoneware.  By doing so, I am able to offer retailers and restaurants a significant discount with a large order.  Thank you!

note that the saucer pictured is the "small shell plate", also available in a variety of colors, and measuring 5x7x.5".  The Mermaid Mug measures 4.5x3x2.5" and weighs half a pound

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