Stockists and Restaurants


Restaurants using my porcelain in Portland, OR


currently at Dame

Soter Vineyards @Mineral Springs Ranch

for International Pinot Noir Celebration


opening brick and mortar in Oct


for Secret Language Kaiseki

920 NE Glisan Street


3377 SE Division St


6 SE 28th Ave

Farm Spirit

1414 SE Morrison



To Buy Pots in Portland, OR

Eutectic Gallery

sells a variety of work in both white and woodfired porcelain

1930 NE Oregon St.

Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

724 NE 22nd ave


Crocks can be found at:

Milk Glass Market

2150 N Killingsworth St.

Chefs who own my porcelain

Vince Nguyen

Ryan Kennedy

Earl Ninsom

Gabe Rosen

Andrew Mace of Ltd. Co.

Farm Spirit

Maya Lovelace