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What fun to host a small group of very intrigued and intriguing people at the woods this past weekend…. Method Camp is the evolution of my friend Nim’s brainchild Research Club, which was a wonderfully relaxed monthly brunch/ presentation/ conversation that I enjoyed for years when I lived in Portland. Now moving into a slightly more curated conference-y event-based mode, I’ll let his words describe it best:

Sharing the journey behind the work

A series of events about processes & practices

Method Camp hosts intimate events that illuminate the nitty-gritty work behind interesting projects in and around Portland, OR.

These include fun, thought-provoking workshops to help you engage directly with how you work.

I took them on a tour of the nascent forest and creek-sides, and then we had a gorgeous lunch prepared by my friend Faye Holliday ( , and then we poked around the orchard and talked about permaculture some more.

I have a vision of the woods becoming an increasingly educational space, as we move into deepening awareness of the urgency of our action against climate change and therefore as we seek models showing concrete actionable steps to take to mitigate that increasing disruption to our lives. I am a potter, yes, but making exists in a context, of resources, values, and life in general.

We welcome those wishing to learn with us, and look forward to learning the substance of what you do! :)

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Careen Stoll