Shell Plates

Shell Plates

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With a lip that calls to mind the satisfying asymmetry of a river stone, these hand-made porcelain plates provide a loose graceful frame for all manner of your food creations.  But fear not, they are formed out some of the world's finest porcelain that has been proven tough enough for heavy rotation in an industrial dishwasher! (please inquire for references)  Clients from the restaurant industry enjoy a trade discount.  

By borrowing a trick from my woodfiring history, I manage to glaze almost the entire bottom surface of the plate.  This means that as they are stacked and rub on each other, the wear and tear is negligible, leaving you with an upper surface that still looks great long after cheaper plates are cracked, stained, and ratty.  

By forming the clay with a compressed surface and then glazing in this manner, I am creating a very tight envelope of glaze around the already tight clay body.  The result is refined but also extremely durable. These small but crucial details of engineering are what sets my work apart from common restaurant wares as well as handmade pieces.  I was fortunate enough to study under John Neely, who has an engineer's mind for ceramics; it is he who explained the structural benefits of this way of making, applicable to many forms but most importantly wide flat forms like plates.

The larger scale plate is available in eggshell white or black.  The smaller plates are available in white, black, or your choice of house colors (the swatch is the rainbow daisy).  All glazes meet industry standards of sanitary ware and are safe to use in ovens or the industrial dishwasher.

… when a batch of plates (invariably) includes a few (a lot) that have a minute rock to them (not the kind of rock that continues, but only upon pressure in a specific area of the center), I mark them “B grade”, and they are 50% normal price. Because of my painfully tight standards on this issue, I have a collection of them, and often chefs will find them to be an acceptable alternative to the perfectly perfects. These are only available in person by approval (metro area), so please inquire. Current stock is 30. (oct 1. 2019)

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