Rent Lady Cocktail

Rent Lady Cocktail


A sexy little lady for beverages or clear soup.  Fun and comfortable to lift and hold.  Glazed with a traditional Shino glaze interior.  A signature piece.

Care and Use Guidelines below.

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I am so delighted to be able to assist you in creating a unique aesthetic experience for you and your dinner guests!  These pots were fired in an innovative kiln that had a miniscule carbon footprint, so you can know that not only are you supporting a professional potter, you are also supporting work made with tough environmental ethics.  

Formed out of porcelain, they will withstand going through an industrial dishwasher, so you may clean them that way if handwashing is difficult for your staff.

I think the most attention should be given to how stacks of them are placed on a counter-top.  Lets go with 8 as the comfortable maximum stack to be handled at a time, please.  I trust that they will be handled with kindness in general.  Thank you!

My request is that the dishes are returned to me packaged as you receive them, with two layers of cardboard between each piece.  I also request that you work with my schedule for pickup and drop-off.  I do not live in Portland, but I am in town almost every Saturday.  Other times are a possibility as it works for each of us.   

Please note that this work is pretty much irreplaceable.  My kiln (the Tin Man) that fired it was deconstructed.  That being said, its dead in a box if it isn't being used, so lets use it because it was made to be loved! 

I hope you have many successful dinners!