Delicate Dish

Delicate Dish


Thin to the point of translucency, this piece fits into what is often categorized as "fine china", referring to both the porcelain clay body as well as a thin-ness rarely achieved with hand-thrown processes.

My hearty congratulations go to Vince Nguyen of Portland for his dedication in creating JolieLaide.  I am providing these plates for his new space opening early this summer, to augment his collection of my dinner plates.

Vince wanted a small-scale and very delicate porcelain dish, so I resolved some technical challenges and brought this forth for him.  Measuring 6" by about 5" by about 3/4" tall but weighing less than half a pound, this piece is best suited to a kitchen that can take care of the work.  Incidentally, I do not recommend stacking them quite as tall I as I have for the photo, and I can't promise their durability in an industrial washer.  Also, the foot is burnished and sanded but un-glazed, a necessary deviation from my standard work.

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