Broth Mug

Broth Mug

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A warm mug of soup cradled in your hands on a cold day...  the rounded shape is not just sweet to hold but it also works well with a soup spoon. These hold a generous 16 oz portion with plenty of head room. 

Made of porcelain on the foot-powered potter's wheel featured in this video, each mug has a deliberate asymmetry achieved by stretching the clay rythmically while it spins.  

These mugs are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.  They are glazed in a satin white that meets industry standards for sanitary ware.  The Upright Broth Mug holds a comfortable 20 ounces while the Low version holds 16 oz.  Each version is thrown to be quite thin and light: 1 lb each for this item.

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