Woodfired Crock 3/4 gallon

Woodfired Crock 3/4 gallon


Fired for 5 days with the help of an all-female firing crew at the historic anagama kiln at East Creek, this crock a special version of my standard porcelain and stoneware crocks.  Check out FiringWhileFemale.org for the story. The weight is 17lbs total, and includes a set of weight stones.  

This crock is wheel-thrown using fine-grained porcelaneous clay, and glazed with a Shino glaze on the interior only.  All other color is a result of the unique firing atmosphere in which flame is touching the clay and painting on it.  This is a very rare item, as I do not do much woodfiring anymore and it turned out not just awesome but also technically perfect.

You can purchase it here or at milkglasmrkt.com

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