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pre-IPNC dinner at Soter Vineyards with custom porcelain

It is with great delight that Luscious Porcelain has been invited to collaborate with Soter Vineyards at Mineral Springs Ranch in the creation of a supper on handmade tableware.  In-house Chef Alex Daily and Chef Kei Odera of Farm Spirit will be using my porcelain to serve 60 guests at a convivial dinner out-doors.

Tony and Michelle Soter have been at the leading edge of creating biodynamic wines for decades, first in the Napa/Sonoma area and now at Mineral Springs Ranch.  As a maker dedicated to practices that reduce my carbon footprint where possible, I have great respect for others who practice in ways that have similarly hard to see but far-reaching effects.  

Soter wines are featured this year for the International Pinot Noir Celebration, and the supper promises to be beautiful in a stunning location.  I am joined by my father, with whom I met Tony in the first place, and I look forward to meeting Michelle.

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MatchMaker Suppers at Castagna Restaurant

MatchMaker Suppers presents a dinner with Chefs Justin Woodward and Ryan Roadhouse.   We offer a 15 course tasting menu served on the utilitarian ceramics of Lilith Rockett, Lindsay Oesterritter, and Careen Stoll created specifically for this event in celebration of The National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts conference hosted by Portland in 2017.  Please join us in enjoying an unprecedented collaboration between artful fine dining and tabletop composition. 

Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/matchmaker-suppers-tickets-31202155487

or feel free to call Castagna directly to reserve your seat:  503-231-7373

We offer a carefully curated tasting menu of 15 courses, co-created by Chefs Woodward and Roadhouse that takes inspiration from the compositions of dishes created by the potters. Woodward was nominated for the James Beard Award of Best Chef of the NW in 2015 and 2016. Portland Monthly named Roadhouse’s restaurant Nodoguro 2015’s best restaurant.  Both of them are excited to work with full-time studio potters Stoll, Rockett, and Oesterritter.  Rockett in particular has focused on offering her luminous porcelain ware to fine dining establishments across the country.  Stoll has been focused locally, providing dishes to Langbaan and Biwa and designing for production.  Oesterritter recently left a professorship to return to her studio practice and woodfiring kiln.

For further information:

Venue and Chefs

Castagna Restaurant: http://www.castagnarestaurant.com/restaurant

Justin Woodward : http://www.castagnarestaurant.com/people

Ryan Roadhouse/ Nodoguro : http://www.nodoguropdx.com/press.html


Lilith Rockett : http://lilithrockett.com/

Lindsay Oesterritter : http://loceramics.com/

Careen Stoll : http://www.lusciousporcelain.com

MatchMaker suppers initiates a project by Careen Stoll

Many thanks to Brett Binford and Mariel Pitti at Eutectic Gallery

and Zach Shapiro at onehundredseconds.com

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